Timelapse photography – Starting out

Meribel Time-lapses 2019. Notice all the shots are on the ground except the last one? Read on to find out why…

I love time-lapse photography. It’s something I’ve loved watching, the passage of time as life seemingly speeds up to an incredibly fast speed, whilst the camera remains firmly locked in place, or moving seemingly slowly across a set path on a slider. Particularly with a focus on Astrophotography, seeing the stars spin through the night sky, reminding all of us on the ground that we’re just one speck of dust orbiting a singular star, in a seemingly endless universe of other stars.

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Transitioning from Video Gammas to LOG/RAW

If you have a modern camera that can record log or raw and has 13 stops or more of dynamic range you need to stop thinking “video” and think “film”.

Alistair Chapman – xdcam-user.com

This scared the hell out of me. Reading a paragraph like this, written by a definite authority on the topic, about the very camera I had just purchased back in 2016. My first HDR camera, the PMW-F5, I was ready, I was keen and thought I knew what I was getting myself in for.

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